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Addressing Financial Goals

We offer a wide range of investment strategies designed to help you manage risk and invest prudently for the future. These strategies are delivered within a disciplined investment process that is matched to your goals.

  • Save/Accumulate – If you’re saving money for retirement or other long-term goals, you can select strategies that are designed to help you achieve long-term growth.
  • Spend/Income – If you need regular income or want to provide portfolio diversification, you can choose strategies designed to provide a dependable income stream and/or balance a growth portfolio.
  • Risk Management – If you’re concerned about market volatility, you can include strategies that are designed to respond to changing market conditions and protect against – or even take advantage of – volatility in the capital markets.
  • Alternative  – Investors seeking diversification to complement traditional investments have several alternative investments strategies from which to consider.


The Wealth Plan Process

We all face challenges on our journey to financial success. The question is, how do we turn these challenges into opportunities?

We can help you address these obstacles so you can effectively pursue your goals by helping you develop an integrated, personalized investment program.

Step 1: Define your goals

Developing your investment plan begins with defining your investment goals. We can help you pinpoint your goals, establish your time horizon for each goal and determine how much risk you’re willing to take to achieve each goal.


Step 2: Set Expectations

Setting appropriate expectations will be key to keeping you on tack to reaching your goals. We can explain the different investment strategies available to you and the corresponding risks and rewards associated with them.


Step 3: Construct Portfolio
We will help you construct an investment portfolio that reflects your financial needs, goals and priorities. A team of investment professionals will help build, monitor and manage the assets in your portfolio.


Step 4: Monitor Experience vs. Expectations

We will monitor your portfolio, continually reassess your goals and risk tolerance, and help you make changes as necessary to ensure you remain on track to reaching your goals.


Your Custom Portfolio

We provide a comprehensive array of purposed-based investment strategies designed to help you reach your financial goals. Your customized portfolio can be customized to your individual needs, objectives and risk profile.

You benefit from:

  • Risk Management — Your portfolio can help you pursue your financial goals based on your tolerance for risk.
  • Customization and Control — You have the ability to exclude a variety of social categories and/or individual securities from your portfolio, as well as incorporate your religious values.1
  • Account Transparency — You will have 24/7 access to all of your account information via the Web, including performance, fees, holdings, transaction history and gain/loss information.
  • Diversification —Your portfolio provides broad diversification across asset classes, implementation strategies and investment styles as well as across money managers. You also an choose between strategic and tactical asset allocation strategies.2
  • Professional Management —You gain access to exclusive institutional investment management previously reserved for the wealthy and institutional investors.
  • Tax Efficiency — For taxable accounts, you have the ability to minimize capital gains tax liability through the selective realization of gains and losses in your portfolio – a process called tax harvesting. You can also choose from among several tax-lot selling options.
  • Convenience — Enjoy broad diversification within one convenient account, with one consolidated statement and online account access.
  • Ongoing monitoring – at the manager and portfolio levels – to help make sure your portfolio remains consistent with your objectives and preferences.


1 Exclusion preferences apply only to separately managed equity portfolios and will not impact the underlying securities within an exchange-traded fund (ETF), mutual fund or other forms of investment companies.

2 Neither diversification nor asset allocation necessarily protects an investor from loss in a volatile or declining market.

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